Step 1 Preparation

1. Import SFT tokens into the wallet.

Token contract address: 0xF9Dc0A2FB541C29026A798D116B2c6804DA1cAAa

Token symbol: SFT

The wallets supported by SFT include MetaMask, imToken, TP Wallet, and Bitpie.

Add tokens to MetaMask wallet:

Add tokens to other wallets:

2. Open the wallet app and enter the browser.



TP Wallet:


Step 2 How to get FIL?

1. Mining

2. Exchange

SFT Protocol is deployed on the BSC chain, so it is recommended that you purchase FIL on the Binance official exchange, and then withdraw it to your wallet address (BSC chain).

If you need to perform cross-chain operations on the existing FIL, you can first recharge the FIL to your Binance account, and then withdraw it to the BSC chain of the wallet.

Binance official website:

Step 3 Mint SFT

1. Click 'Browser', and paste the address ( You can switch languages here.

2. Click 'Stake Now' on the homepage and connect to the wallet.

3. Scroll down the page and go to 'Mint SFT'. Enter the amount, the amount of SFT you expect to get will be displayed below, and click 'Stake'.

4. After authorization and confirmation, the transaction is completed.

5. Swipe down to view 'My History', it shows that the SFT minting is in progress, wait for the minting to complete.

Step 4 Farms

On the Farms, you can choose different plans, stake SFT, and earn FIL income.

1. 3 Month Fixed Deposit SFT.

2. Demand Deposit SFT.

3. Click 'View My Stake', you can see the income to be withdrawn (update in about a day), and you can also withdraw the staking SFT here.

Click Harvest:

Click Withdraw:

Step 5 Tradings

1. You can directly exchange FIL and SFT at Pancake.

2. At the same time, you can add FIL-SFT liquidity to Pancake to get more income.

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